BAX3000 350% Income-Certain Money-Back Guarantee

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, we are looking for ONE doctor per area to be the Demo Site for a new allergy testing and symptom clearing device. As our demo site, you would use this equipment to test and treat your patients, as well as patients referred to you from other physicians in your area.

In addition to gaining new patients for your practice, you may earn an extra $10,000 to $20,000 a month in ancillary income providing allergy relief to suffering patients.

We have found that there are only three reasons why doctors do not elect to take advantage of this opportunity:

You think the equipment doesn't really work as well as stated? [see Testimonials]

You think you can't be successful marketing the program and getting new patients? [see Marketing Programs]

Your partner or spouse is saying: “What if it doesn’t work and you don’t make any money?”

Now you don’t have to worry, because WE HAVE DECIDED TO TAKE AWAY THE RISK!

Because we are about to launch a nationwide marketing campaign, we are going to need someone in your area to do demos for us so much that…

We are willing to offer you our 350% INCOME-CERTAIN CONDITIONAL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, which allows you to:

(a) become comfortable with the provision of these services;
(b) see exactly what potential allergies your patients are suffering from;
(c) treat those allergens to relieve patients’ symptoms; and
(d) observe the increase in Practice revenues due to treating allergies, without having to answer the question: “What if it doesn’t work and I don’t make any money?”

We are so sure it will work; WE WILL GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS!

If, after 12-months as a BAX 3000 Demo Doctor, you fail to generate an increase in collections of at least 350% of the total lease payments paid by you during the first year:

The Company will gladly get you out of your equipment lease and proportionally refund the money you paid in lease payments based on a percentage of shortfall.*

Call us NOW! at (866) 890-2828 and see if you can qualify to be a Demo Doctor for the BAX3000.

You can also click here and print a copy of our VMS Demo Doctor Program Profile Questionnaire and fax it to: (561) 383-6419.

Don’t delay. This offer is only being extended to one practice in your area…and IT COULD BE YOU!

* The above is simply an overview of the Guarantee. Please request a copy of the actual Guarantee for exact details.