The Keys to Success with the BAX3000

The first batch of BAX3000s were delivered in early 2008. A little over a year later, about 300 doctors around the country are now BAX providers.


There is only one explanation for this growth… the BAX3000 works and works well, both clinically and financially. Three hundred doctors using the BAX3000, and not a single doctor who ever took a patient through the process has complained about the clinical effectiveness of the device. If you have any doubts about whether or not this thing is as good as we say it is… talk to the doctors using it.


There are many reasons for our doctors’ success. First and foremost, clinical effectiveness. Beyond that, where do I begin?


It could be the huge market that you are now tapping into. Almost 2/3 of the population could benefit. It could be that the BAX3000 is a true ancillary service, appropriate for staff to do most of the work.


It could be the fast patient encounters, an assessment takes less than 10 minutes and light therapy less than two. It could be that short care plans, most patients now can complete the process in only 5 visits, with symptomatic relief after the first or second.


It could be that BAX3000 doctors enjoy providing relief for patients that have been failed by all of the other doctors they have tried. It could be that the BAX3000 breathes life back into a tired practice, seeing the look on a mothers face because her child, whose diagnosis means its likely he will never show emotion, just said "Mommy love You", has a way of reawakening that that lust for making people well that may have disappeared years ago. I can put you in touch with these doctors, and their patients, by the way.


Whatever the reason, doctors who own the BAX3000 are doing well universally. While fee schedules vary from place to place, usually one patient per month more than pays for the machine. At an average of about $1500 per case, no out of pocket costs for up to 6 months, and a 350% money-back guarantee you really have nothing to lose. The only thing to please keep in mind is that the guarantee is only available for a limited time.


As you well know, the business of healthcare has changed enormously. Insurance reimbursements are falling, while the scope of practice is getting smaller. In this day and age it is vitally important to be on the lookout for ancillary services that are wanted and needed by large segments of the population. Healthcare providers must consider adding ancillary services to their practices. In this consideration, three questions should be asked:

1) Is there a market for this service?
2) Will this service be financially profitable to my practice?
3) Will this service integrate easily into my practice?
4) How will I market this service?

The BAX3000 answers yes to each of these questions!


1)  Is there a market for this service?

YES! In fact, over 50 million Americans are suffering from allergies today. When you add up the number of people suffering from allergies, food sensitivities and other conditions treatable with this device, it is found that about 2/3 of the population could benefit from treatment. When the BAX-3000 is incorporated into your clinic, there will be an immediate need for its use simply among your existing patients; however, you will also open the doors to an expansive population of new patients. Our unique program offers marketing material and informative pieces that will make it easy for you attract this new market. The statistics listed here confirm the prevalence of allergies in the U.S. population.

2)  Will this service be financially profitable to my practice?

YES! This is a cash business and will remain one as we are not seeking a discreet CPT code for this service. Patients suffering from allergies will be happy to pay the reasonable fees associated with treatment using the BAX-3000. Each doctor using the device has a slightly different fee structure; some charge by the visit estimating $150 per visit; others charge by the case, estimating $1,000-$2000 per case. Doctors already using the BAX-3000 in their practices will be happy to share information with you and reveal the business potential of this system. Please contact our office for further information on how to contact these practitioners.

3)  Will this service integrate easily into my practice?


YES! The BAX-3000 represents a true ancillary service in that it will seamlessly integrate into your practice. The patient encounter time is less than 15 minutes per treatment and may be performed by you or one of your qualified staff members. There will be no down-time in your existing practice as you learn and install the BAX-3000. Virtual Medical Solutions provides you with a complete business model, marketing material, full training and ongoing support.

Perhaps one of the most difficult obstacles faced in the business environment is when a market becomes oversaturated - it is seen in every industry - multiple businesses constantly doing battle for a few customers. The end result? Lower prices, resulting in a lower level of service. While the bottom line to any healthcare-based business is the patient's health, market forces still play a large role in the profitability of a practice. The team at Virtual Medical Solutions believes that doctors using our device can and will be successful both from a business and clinical perspective. Our intention is to insure success via a number of internal corporate policies implemented specifically to leave nothing in your business to chance:

4) How will I market this service?


VMS has partnered with AllergiCare Relief Centers to provide various levels of marketing support to help ensure that you will be successful and that you will be able to share this program with as many patients as possible. Listed below are some of the various marketing materials and powerful branding programs we have available for your success:


  1. 3-Days of Intensive Professional Training… designed so that you can comfortably return to your office, knowing that all you have to do is flip the laptop open and start treating allergy patients (Value: included)
  2. Comprehensive Training Manual… filled with all the forms and clinical information necessary to run the business and work with patients (Value: included)
  3. A license to use the federally‐trademarked name: AllergiCare™ Relief Centers to brand your clinic as part of a worldwide network of allergy relief experts, creating trust and confidence in your patients* (Value: $20,000)
  4. Use of the corporate website (includes the addition of your clinic name, address, phone number and location map) plus 5 custom e‐mail addresses ( to tap into the Internet, which is the #1 source that patients reference for health related information* (Value: $1,000)
  5. A personalized website providing your local clinic information and contact information to be used for personal promotion and education (Value: $500)
  6. The right to use all company patient testimonials, which will be added on a continual basis (both written and video) to share patients success stories (Value: $650)
  7. Google Adwords display ads with regional placement to direct local patients to your web site or landing page for more information (Value: $500)
  8. Cost effective quarterly articles and press releases written on your behalf and sent to local, regional and national print, television and online media sources to create news stories and publicity surrounding your clinic* (Value: $500)
  9. The right to use professionally produced, proven-effective, edited and customized marketing materials*, such as:
    • Patient informational DVD for the reception area / health fairs; (Value: $5,000)
    • 30-minute patient infomercial; (Value: $10,000)
    • 15- and 30-second television commercials; (Value: $1,000)
    • 10-, 30- and 60-second radio commercials (Value: $1,000)
  10. "Magazine Reprints" (2,500) featuring you on the cover and a three-page interview with you talking about the new allergy relief program and its benefits, which position you as a national expert on allergy relief (Value: $3,750)
  11. Complete 200-page PowerPositioning Marketing Manual with scripts, letters and insights into how to build a powerful image, distinguish yourself from your peers, and get tons of referrals from past and present patients, as well as other healthcare professionals (Value: $500)
  12. Special Reports and White Papers on Allergy Treatment & Elimination to be used to get leads from your web site, to be handed out at events, or sent to other healthcare professionals to explain the benefits of your allergy relief system and how it works  (Value: $1,000)
  13. Beautiful Wall Posters… for your waiting and treatment rooms telling patients that you now offer a new and exciting allergy relief program (4 Posters – 2 of each design) (Value: $100)
  14. In‐clinic promotional program information and signage to let patients know that you currently provide solutions for their allergy problems (Value: $100)
  15. Newspaper Ads… using powerful and proven copy and headlines to attract and motivate potential patients to call or visit your office written and designed by a professional copy writer and designer (Value: $2,500)
  16. Patient Brochures… explaining your new allergy services geared to provoke interest from even the biggest skeptic (including Patient Preparation Brochures and Rehydrate Brochures) ($50)
  17. Preprinted Postcards… for grand openings and to thank patients
  18. PowerPoint Presentations… for public presentations with script (Value: $250)
  19. Letters and Scripts… to solicit and confirm patients for public engagements (Value: $100)
  20. Allergy Surveys… to remind patients that they are suffering from allergies and cause them to want to ask you how to solve their problems
  21. Office Forms (Testing Procedures & Treatment Room, Patient Instructions, Consent Form & Explanation, Brief Patient Survey, Intermediate Patient Survey, Expanded Patient Survey, Patient Reprogramming Protocol)
  22. Refresher Trainings… as needed to enhance your technical or clinical skills
  23. Complete ongoing marketing, advertising and business consulting services to help ensure your continued success (Value: priceless)
  24. The right to purchase, at nominal fees, any items listed in our A La Carte Marketing Menu, such as: (1) In‐store posters and signage; (2) Business cards and letterhead; (3) Gift card and customer loyalty programs; (4) Clinic design components; (5) Email marketing videos; (6) Patient follow‐up programs; (7) Corporate brochures; (8) Promotional items; (9) Patient scheduling software; and much more.


Total Value of Marketing Package: $50,000


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* These programs are provided for four months without charge and can be continued for a monthly fee.