Earn Up To $3,500 for One-to-Two Hours of Your (or a Staff Member's) Time Demonstrating Our New Allergy Relief Systems

We are looking for ONE doctor in your area to be the Demo Site for a new allergy testing and symptom clearing device. As our demo site, you would use this equipment to test and treat your patients, as well as patients referred to you from MDs and DOs in your area. In addition to gaining new patients for your practice, you may earn an extra $10,000 to $20,000 a month in ancillary income providing allergy relief to suffering patients.


You would also be expected to demonstrate the unit to other physicians who are considering a purchase of the equipment for their own practices. This new device utilizes a software program with the ability to identify allergens and provide relief to patients from their symptoms, including food sensitivities and symptoms caused by other chronic and recurring conditions such as migraine headaches, Eczema, Sinusitis, ADD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and more.


In addition to treatment revenue, we are willing to pay you up to $3,500 for each successful demo you perform in which a doctor purchases a unit. We will train you and your staff to use the equipment; position you as an expert in allergy relief within your community and show you how to demonstrate the equipment to other doctors and physicians.


Allergies are at epidemic proportions in our society. Fifty million Americans report allergy problems, with millions of others suffering from food sensitivities and other ailments. It seems that people are desperate for effective allergy treatment without drugs or injections!


As a demo site Doctor, you will have the ongoing support and commitment from the manufacturer and their staff. You will receive the materials you need to effectively recruit new patients and communicate the benefits of our new Allergy Relief System to existing clients, as well as to the Doctors we refer to you for demonstrations.


If you think you may be interested, call us at (800) 526-5557 to see if you qualify for this unique program. You can also fill out our Demo Doctor Questionnaire and fax it back to us at (561) 793-5311 for our approval review.


In case you may be thinking: "What if it doesn't work and I don't make any money?"


Now you don't have to worry, because WE HAVE DECIDED TO TAKE AWAY THE RISK!


As the demonad has continued to increase at a rapid pace, we are going to need someone in your area to do menos for us so much that...


We are willing to offer you our $350% Income-Certain Money-Back Guarantee*


We anticipate selling one-to-three units per month in your region, which could earn you more than $10,000-$15,000 per month. Since we sell 3-out-of-4 doctors who see the unit, it may be necessary for you or your staff to do 3-4 demonstrations a month. If you are unable to handle this commitment, please do not respond.