Earn Up To $2,500 for Simply Demonstrating Our New Videonystagmography (VNG) Fall Assessment Systems

We are looking for ONE doctor in your area to be the Demo Site for a new fall assessment and treatment system. As our demo site, you would use this equipment to test your patients, as well as patients referred to you from other MDs and DOs in your area. In addition to possibly gaining new patients for your practice, you may earn an extra $15,000 to $25,000 a month in ancillary income providing cutting-edge diagnostic testing for potential fall victims.


As a demo site, you or a designated staff member would be expected to demonstrate the unit to other physicians who are considering a purchase of the equipment for their own practices. These innovative, cutting-edge medical devices are designed to be used in the identification, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of dizziness and balance disorders and to help prevent falls.


In addition to treatment revenue, we are willing to pay you up to $2,500 for each demo you or one of your staff members performs (whether the doctor you are demonstrating it to purchases or not). We will train you and your staff to use the equipment; position you as an expert in balance assessment and fall prevention within your community and show you how to demonstrate the equipment to other doctors and physicians.


America is being confronted by a dramatic epidemic of geriatric falls. Eleven million elders fall each year, resulting in two to three million injuries, more than one million hospitalizations and 18,000 deaths annually. The average charge per hospitalization was $30,160 per person (which does not include costs related to physician care, rehabilitation, or long-term disability). The total cost of fall injuries among older adults is expected to hit $43.8 billion in 2020.


As a demo site Doctor, you will have ongoing support and our commitment to your success. You will receive the materials you need to effectively recruit new patients and communicate the benefits of our fall screening and prevention program to existing clients, as well as to the doctors we refer to you for demonstrations.


We have an aging population boom with millions of the baby boomers on the horizon. The number of people turning 60 each day in 2006 was 7,918 (almost 3,000,000 people a year) and that number is constantly growing. Now you can offer a new service that’s beneficial to your community and your bottom line. Medicare and major insurance companies are more than willing to pay for fall-prevention testing to help reduce costly hip surgeries and other fall-related injuries.


We believe that if President Obama succeeds with his current Healthcare Initiative, diagnosing potential fall-related problems before patients end up in the hospital should fit perfectly into his preventative healthcare model. If you think you may be interested, call us at (800) 526-5557 to see if you qualify for this unique program. You can also fill out our Demo Doctor Questionnaire and fax it back to us at (561) 793-5311 for our approval review.